In Flint, Mi there’s a group of “Christians” with picket signs that gather out side of a local abortion clinic. I’d been hearing about this for about a year before I seen it with my own eyes….. I’ve heard that the “Christians” talk to the women who are going inside trying to persuade them to go a different route… One day riding down Flushing Rd I seen a few lawn chairs and ppl with white signs. One in which read “This is murder!”… Quite disturbing.

This is the exact clinic I had my abortion at when I was a senior in High school. I just can’t help but think how it feels to have someone judge you for making one of the hardest decisions of your life a Christian group at that … Abortion is a very real and heavy decision for anyone. Let me walk you through my experience..

At 17 I was in a relationship that was disgustingly cute. We’d make mix cds with love notes on them, spent countless hours on the phone talking about nothing, and overthink all gifts and kind gestures… Ahh teenagers 🤷🏽‍♀️… One day I began to feel different…. You know like sick in the morning different…Like perfume made me nauseous different…Like too many emotions different…. So I did what any other teenage girl would do, I told my boyfriend. Duh… He right away told his best friend who was just freakishly smarter than us.

My boyfriends best friend decided to come get me out of school (sorry mom) and took me to a local women’s clinic. They did free std screens and pregnancy testing in there …I had that whole “Knees are weak palms are sweaty” nervous thing going on that rapper Eminem mentioned in 8mile but I went in… While feeling judged and like I was being watched I approached the desk and signed in.. “Jordyn Mickens!” Says the lady about ten minutes later.. I get up and go to the back. Things were hella simple, pee on the stick.. that’s what I did. Pee on a freaking stick… Wala ✨ teenage pregnancy ladies and gentlemen…..The lady was nice enough to go over all my options with me and even gave me a bag with some treats, pamphlets and baby supplies in it.

I was 17 year old senior in high school devastated. I thought about prom and my future. I thought about his opportunity at MSU and his future…. In my heart ♥️ I really wanted to keep the child so I also thought of us being parents and married… 🙄 Annoying, I know…. Understand at that age I wanted everything that my imagination could come up with.. No struggle included.

Then as it became time to tell my mom, reality set it. Sheila wasn’t for no games ok? Apart of me knew she’d be disappointed. I was the kid who hated to disappoint my parents…. The time came and I told her. She was very candid about all my options. Also it was clear what she preferred. Though i wanted very much so to keep my baby and live happily ever after my selfless thoughts began, What about college? What if he resents me for keeping the baby? What if I can’t provide for the baby?.. What if we don’t end up married?

My decision had become Abortion. At the time it made sense for us. Him away at the college of his dreams & me getting ready for prom and life outside of grade school… I’d seen plenty of gals who had them at school and they seems just fine. I honestly had no clue what i was signing up for.

The rainy spring break day came & my boyfriend couldn’t be there. Talk about embarrassing… I go to the clinic with my mother and step father present.. I couldn’t tell my dad and hurt him like that. No way, not Jordyn…. I sat in the waiting room along with other women looking to abort their missions as well. One a rape victim and the other a one night stand situation.. I remember feeling super low without the physical support of my then boyfriend. It felt like he didn’t care.. I knew that wasn’t the truth but I couldn’t help what I felt. When they called me up to the window for my blood money I thought to myself “Girl you still have time. LEAVE” but I stayed.. Even when they took me to counsel prior to the procedure I felt I could run out of there and never look back but still… I stayed.. i guess i wanted to keep my word. At the time of the procedure there was a female nurse in there hold my hand as I cried my eyes out and they sucked my baby out of me.. I felt everything, including my heart crushing into a thousand pieces..

When it was over they sat me in this amazingly comfortable recliner with hot tea to ease the physical pain and relaxing music playing to help the mental pain … “You can stay here as long as you like” said that nurse.. I finished off the tea and left. Staying there made me feel worse, i began to hate the smell of the place… I went home, got in my bed and cried the rest of the day…

Over the years I battled with such a void and depression. I struggled with thinking that the slightest bit of gas was pregnancy. I wanted a puppy sooo badly. My rationale was if I had a puppy I could fill the void from aborting the baby. The boyfriend actually got me a small dog. He was a wild little thing and I couldn’t handle him. His efforts were appreciated but the dog had to go.. I continued to struggle with guilt heavily for years. The slightest mention of abortion made me want to shut the world out and hide.

To experience such mental as well as physical pain in my experience & know that other women faced with the decision are bombarded with picketers, breaks my heart. The one thing Christians have to understand is that without love their efforts are void. And there’s no way that love is involved in a gesture that shames women for making a choice that is going to punish them mentally for the rest of their lives.. Due to my experience I’d never recommend Abortion but I also wouldn’t make anyone feel shitty for that choice..

My prayers are with the women in this situation. My prayers are also with those picketers at the clinic in Flint.. Lord have mercy ♥️

Me + Nickie Union= BFFL 🤷🏽‍♀️

A few weekends ago I had a speaking engagement and one of my friends told me when I speak I make people feel like they are my “Good good girlfriend” and we are exchanging stories…That’s exactly how Mrs. Gabrielle Union Wade made me feel while reading her book.

“We’re going to need more wine” has to be one of the best books I’ve read in a long time….While indulging in the stories of her life I had to pace myself through the journey from “Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Pleasanton” to “A tale of the two Martinezes”…

The collective of stories were fresh, raw and real. Gabrielle gave you just enough to hate her in some chapters, while in other chapters she gave you more reason to love her. She addresses her upbringing in a predominantly white area, her very real rape story while employed at Payless Shoe store and also her interesting take on Big Bank take little bank in her marriage..

Seeing as I am a fan of her show Being Mary Jane, I heard Nickie tell each story as if she were Mary Jane Paul. My favorite had to be her experience in it’s entirety with the Two Martinezes.. It’s seems the friendship she had with them was of great value and definitely shaped a lot of her positive change…. Gabrielle has a very authentic way of making her readers feel like they are apart of her inner circle and trust me when I say that some of the times while reading… You will definitely feel as though You need more wine 🍷….

Nickie…. Go best friend, that’s my best friend… THATS. MY. BESTFRIEND! (LOL)


I’m legit not going to prolong this post… I know an awesome music artist from my own beautifully talented city Flint, Mi… 

David Aaron

I need you all to check him out. Like in real life! 

His latest project:

And a really dope article from the awesome Dope show online that has an amazing track I’m featured on in it:

David Aaron and I at The Dope Show event. 

The creator of the DopeShow and The DopeShow online and I. 

Girl, lets bond 🤗😘

Growing up I developed a weak and negative outlook on female bonding for these reasons: 

  1. I grew up with an older brother.
  2. My bullies were girls.
  3. Women were seemingly more catty than men.
  4. Boys.

The first three reason began to dissolve as time and experience got a hold of me. But baby……🙄… that last reason took a little mo’ time and a little mo’ experience before it dissolved. 

Disclaimer: I am currently in a different head space than the one I am about to speak on. I will light you up expeditiously if you slide in my DM’s after this post and you are in a relationship . IDC IDC IDC… #JudgeYaMama 🤷🏽‍♀️

Boys were my problem. I couldn’t dare be making friends with women who might like the same boy as me or who had been involved with one I dealt with. There was no way you’d catch me befriending a woman who’s boyfriends trash behavior I’d been entertaining, that ain’t real *pops gum, rolls eyes*, and lastly being friends with one of my male friends girls? NO! I was too privy to information and I wasn’t getting into they business… (If you’re cheering this mess on.. Beloved, you’re damaged… ) I had to get over myself and start to hold friends accountable. (Giving you this for free: If you can’t hold friends accountable for their behavior, they ain’t ya friends. Y’all just know each other)

As I began to merge into the creative lane more and work in my purpose I noticed that in Flint that lane is predominantly women. Before I knew it I was feeling all empowered by supporting women and networking with them. The bond and connection with women was getting stronger and more positive! Women had taken over my life so much that I’d found one of my passions to be encouraging women.. 

 Well for two years I’ve been single & most of my readers are knowledgeable to the fact that I’ve been abstaining from sex for a year and some change (YAY! ✨).. With this time I’ve been building my brand and such but I’ve also grown closer to God and strengthened that connection as well. God has had his way with me in 2017, allowing me to experience nostalgic moments. He’s shown me so many good things about myself that I’d left behind because of tragic endings or situations. God also allowed me to see who I was as it pertained to running from purpose with connected or bonding with other women. My selfish and trash ways of manipulation and dishonesty. He allowed me to sit and see for myself that my previous behavior and mentality didn’t line up with my life time goal of being a wife and mother. 

Having a connection with other women is one of the most rewarding things a woman can do. It’s breeds the true love, unity, nurturers, and essence of womanhood. It challenges the medias ideas of division. And most of all it allows us to grow, be a great foundation and set the standard for the women to come after us!  

Please note in order to genuinely connect you have to allow change to take place with negative connotations and preconceived notions, but once you do… The beauty of women connecting is priceless✨

The secks and marriage 

1 Corinthians 7:1-7

7 Now concerning the matters about which you wrote: “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.” 2 But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband. 3 The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband. 4 For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. 5 Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

6 Now as a concession, not a command, I say this.[a] 7 I wish that all were as I myself am. But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another.

Today was the first day I’ve actually heard these scriptures taught. Well maybe it’s the first time I’ve actually listened…. Anywho 🤷🏽‍♀️… 

Hearing them now it’s very uncomfortable for a few reasons…

1. I didn’t wait! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • I am currently abstaining 🙌🏽😫(Story here:… however at one point in my life I was getting it in. To actually see the way God meant marriage to be live in living color, I feel bad. 

2. I feel like the church played me 🙄

  • I was raised in the church. Never once was I taught about the secks and marriage in this context. I was more so taught under the scare tactics and the “Because the Bible says so!” Form with no show and proof. Church people mean well for sure. They just aren’t that great when it comes to uncomfortable real talk. 

What puts me at ease is knowing that there’s new mercy EVERY morning. *insert shout here* AND that I’m abstaining and doing things Gods way now… 🙌🏽😫

This passage of scripture clearly outlines the Bible’s standards on the subject of sex.

  • No sex unless you’re married.
  • No denying your spouse sex.
  • Everybody won’t be single a virgin or celibate. This who aren’t should marry instead of deliberately sin. 

Reviewing those scriptures along with Pastor Furticks lesson open my eyes to something very vital. Marriage isn’t meant to be one sided. It’s Dual- Submission. That takes a high level of discipline, selflessness and wholeness. 

Check out Pastor Steve Furticks message here:

Enemy of the State- Dr. Howard- John Wesley 

Not even going to waste y’all time with all these words and what not… Last week my big cousin Reya sent me an amazing sermon titled Enemy of the State by Dr. Howard-John Wesley … it was part three of a series so because it  as SO dope I had to know what he had to say in parts one and two. Naturally I stalked the YouTube page for part four like I was waiting on OITNB to return to Netflix…. 

This series is more than worth watching! It’s taught me SO much about my friend Jesus! And gave me so much courage and strength in regards to the things I’m dealing with in my life… 

Break out note pad and writing utensil, Go to a place you can focus and enjoy the four part series Enemy of The State by Dr. Howard- John Wesley 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Trying to be obedient 


It means- compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.

Now I am simply trying to be obedient to God. And as we all know that’s not always so simple. It is ALWAYS worth it. 
God told me that I’d be sharing my past with the masses. And at first I’m like “Bet Lord, I’m good with written about anything. I’m ready!” However he was like “Naw they need to see you. You said you want to be a speaker? Speak life. Speak about YOUR life before the choice of celibacy” 


However because I know he does great works with our transparency I shook it off and TYAS was birthed. 

First! TYAS stands for Ten Years A Slave. I was sexually active for Ten Years before I began to abstain from sex. In that Ten Years so much happened in my life that brought to my decision for abstinence. In a mini doc I speak about some of the things that brought me to this place. 

I felt (after going back and forth with God) that it’s important to share stories like this so that I can open a safe place for other women and people alike to talk to me. So that people dealing with the same things I did can have someone to talk to in order to help them through. This message is for women to be empowered. For us to know that we can make choices with our bodies that we stand by. Its for everyone to understand the power and benefits of discipline and a few of the down falls of instant gratification.. 

See video here:

Thank you to my amazing team! 

Videographer: Deirdras Jones ( 

Photographer: Donnell Carr ( @DonnellCarr (everywhere) 

Make up artist: Ranesha Cavette ( IG: @beauty_mark_


Hair for video: Whitney Boose (Facebook Whitney Boose) 

Special thanks to Flint’s Local 432 for allowing me to have my launch event there! 

Stanay and Kiera my rocks and support! 

I’ll be more thn happy to put on an informative Showing/Q&A in regards to the TYAS initiative for your group and/or organization! Please feel free to email me at for that or any question or concerns! 


Just looking to make diamonds out of the church and the community 

Before we get started let me be clear… I am a proud member of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and also an active member in the Flint (Mi) community… 

Dearest church, 

The community is seeking your presence. Not the actual building but the leadership, the congregation… The people. The communities in which the churches are located in are in shambles… and at this point we need the same places that we invest our time and money into to help strengthen our voices in Number. Servicing your membership is dope but there’s a need outside of those four walls as well…  There are community meetings/forums, organized marches, community outreach events, and other smaller efforts where it would be great to see some church representatives. We need your support to make noise loud enough to provoke change. The more you actually do the work to become more involved with the community, the more they’ll be able to see the God, the Jesus, the Holy Spirit you speak of IN you… LET’s work.. 
Dearest Community,

It’s time to do way more than just ask questions via social media about the churches lack thereof involvement. The church needs to see you… Like literally See you in their congregation from time to time. Sowing a seed into their church, the youth, the elderly etc.. Just like y’all wanna see the church, ya it’s kind a two way thing.. Once more of the community members actually start to apply pressure from the inside.. Asking questions, Making your own organizations seen by the church congregation and leadership, making connections from within.. That’s when we will see some more movement from them. Get addresses of the Local churches (big and small). Mail letters, Take flyers up there, request a meeting with the leadership… Its all about being face to face and ready to not just take but give as well.. 

To both the church and community 

This is definitely a two way street. Just as flawed as the church is … so can the community be.. But it’s not about pointing out the flaw(s) it’s time to be about solutions more than anything else. Get involved! ACTIVELY involved though. We need each other and if we keep fighting against one another and NOT actually giving real life solutions we will keep having  L’s sprinkled upon us … 

Let’s make a honest effort to come together and provoke some change… Here are two events Flint we can start with! 

March 18th Women’s March.. Register and get more information here:

March 25th Community Love day! 

If you are in Flint and know of any other events where the connection between the church and the community feel free to post them to this Facebook page:

Thanks for reading… Please feel free to share! Also feel free to email me with other dope solutions or events at 

Best Biopic EVER: New Edition

First let’s take time to thank Black Entertainment Television for the amazing biopic on New Edition. They aired the three part series this past Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday…. *Cues applause* 👏🏽👏🏽

Prior to this biopic I loved the music from New Edition. Now that I’ve witnessed their story, I LOVE everything about them. New Edition embodies what it means to be artist. From fits to presentation they get a 100 from me. These fellas sing, dance, dress, and give an amazing show…. There’s not a current band that I think can hold a candle to New Edition. The brotherhood these men have is something so authentic. I mean we got the chance to see them grow up together. They fought, They cried, they laughed, they loved & they prayed together… Family… That’s the essence of what siblings do for sure.. Me and my older brother did all of the above.. 

The fellas who had the pleasure to play the parts of the band members were AWESOME.. The kids were cute and great actors.. It was dope to see the transition from kids to teenagers and grown men.. Those guys were able to really step into their characters and become them. Not to mention they did a good job in making sure the cast looked like the members of New Edition just enough to make us feel as if it’s real… Go BET! 

What the Biopic did for New Edition was introduce them to the younger generation and the uninformed. It made them personable to them without ruining who they are. I’m sure the Biopic had BET’s ratings POPPIN! Definitely one of the best things they’ve put out in a while..

My fav New Edition member: Mike Bivins. There’s something to be said about a man  recognizing how to make himself irreplaceable in an industry the chews ppl up and spits them out. I think Mike did that by becoming a sponge and learning about the music business. And he discovered Boyz II Men, I love them!

My fav actor in the Biopic: Woody McClain. He played Bobby Brown. He was so dope in the role too. I know he’s my favorite because he provoked the most emotion out of me. When he was on bull I hated him. When he was jammin I was like “YEAAAAAA BOY!”. And when Mike spit in his face I wanted to fight him with Woody, ok?!.. Bobby seemed to be the most difficult memeber and for Woody to play his part and it feel natural is everything! 

My favorite songs: Mr. Telephone man… Easily a fav. The lyrics crack me up and I love how for real they are while singing them tho. They just KNOW that ain’t they shortie phone that another man is answering? Naw Bruh! 😂 

“Can you stand the rain”  definitely an amazing ballot. I feel as though when Johnny Gill made his entrance into the group it challenged the fellas vocally to step it up. This song proves it. Seeing that part in the Biopic made me wish I was present for the recording of the song either when it was done by NE or the cast. 

“Poison” DUH *Pops gum, rolls eyes*  The whole production on this track is EVERYTHING. Hearing the beat drop has to be the equivalent of hearing “Cash money records taking over for the 99′ and the 2000” for that era. Then to hear how they had to promo the record by having a basketball tour? Ha! These fellas were so innovative! I love it! 

Okay guys, I’m done. If you haven’t seen the Biopic check your local listings for BET’s New Edition Story. Also check out this The Breakfast Club interview:

Countee Cullen ain’t see this coming…. #HeyBlackChildChallenge 

There’s a bagillion challenges all over social media! However this one was put on my heart ❤️ on MLK day… 

How do you do it you say? I’m glad you asked! 

1. Teach your child(ren) this poem

2. Record them reciting it and post it with the Hashtag #HeyBlackChildChallenge in February.

Simple enough? 

This is a way to spread the message that Black is beautiful, black is intelligent and black is everything it wants to be! And teach black children how amazing they are no matter what the media or anyone says! 

The writer of the poem: